Can you help Manus guys contact their families?

There is an urgent need for phone credit

so the young men can contact their families. Supporters have been working on this for some time but there are 900 men and never enough to go around. Our goal is to get one phone credit top up each to just over 100 people on our initial list of those in need.

If you can help please contact our Manus Lives Matter team working through myself, some of the churches in Canberra and specific Pakistani and Sri Lankan friends on Manus. Our contacts have been known to us for some time and have taken on the responsibility of ensuring our project is fair and meets as many of the most needy as possible. All are needy but there are some who have not received support in their three years in this prison. Our project includes some on Lorengau who are living in real poverty unable to meet their daily living needs.

We can be contacted through Sr Jane’s facebook page, through this webpage, email  via or phone 0409 773572. Jane will give you a name and phone number so you can do the top-up easily yourself or you can donate and we will do the top-up for you sending you directly the receipts and acknowledgments. Top-ups can be around $14, $20 or $33. The $33 package allows for splitting the amount to cover some internet access as well as phone calls but any amount is appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Can you help Manus guys contact their families?

  1. Jane

    I would like to provide $100 towards phone cards for men on Manus. What is the best way to provide this money so your supporters can transfer phone credits.?


    Carolyn Tweedie-Curnow


    • Carolyn thanks so much for your generous offer- it will make a big difference to three people who need to have contact with their families.
      You can give directly to three numbers via ( google) Digicel PNG top-ups- register the first time and then it is remarkably easy after that. The window pops up with the PNG +675 leaving you to add the eight digits of the phone number. You choose the amount from a drop down list. The $33 or $35 amount (75kina) depending on daily exchange rates is a package that allows them to split it leaving a small amount for internet use- but phone credit is the most important need. I will email you full details plus three names and phone numbers. Plus an alternative method of paying if you prefer.Thanks again. Jane


    • Hi friend thank you for your offer.I can give you a name and phone number you can top up via digicel on the net if you would like. A $36 top up will give 4- 6 weeks phone to contact family and some internet use.Message me on facebook or phone 0409773572 or email me on for details.You will make someone’s day!


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